Short-term incentive program and KPI operative dashboard

Short-term incentive program module in corporate portal supports motivation process in companies of the group. As a part of this process, the Board of Directors designates a set of goals for top-managment to achieve in an upcoming year. These goals are in turn decomposed into a subtasks for subordinates to complete; subordinate manager can also provide their suggestions on key goals within their area of responsibility. At the end of the year, the value for the manager's bonus is decided based on the evaluation of achievements of these goals.

STIP module of the Eurochem's corprate portal allows each of the program's participants to enter the definition for their goals and KPIs, and approve them by their superiors, as defined by organization structure and by functional responsibility matrix. Intermediate results and end-of-year results are approved in the system as well.

Technology used: Ruby/Rails.
In production since 2011

New KPI system to come

In the mid-term of 2019 due to changes to motivation process in the group, a new version of the system started being developed. The new system, based on Node.js, will include interactive dashboards, introduce monthly reporting and make a heavy use of numeric KPIs, integrations with other IT systems and improved support for task decomposition. 

For this new system I have developed a domain objects model abstraction, very similar to (and inspired by) ActiveRecord and Sequel::Model. I have also implemented an integration module to query a reporting system for monthly KPI values through E-Router integration bus

Technology used: Node.js
Implementation ETA: March 2020